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Thin and Thinner

I'm tired and out of energy today. Depressed. My dear Jim's health is not good. He started a sometime back - we thought it was his dental health and finally got the denture thing solved. But even with decently fitted dentures, he has been unable to eat and get all the nutrients he needs from what he is eating. Since February this year it has just been worse.

He's seeing a doctor now. We know his bloodwork is good and his liver is in good shape. He has had two different CTs and was even checked for tapeworms. He has no antigens for different cancers - especially since he's an ex-smoker. We know what he doesn't have. We don't know what he does have.

He is hoping to join a COPD study through a local research group and started the process last week. I guess we will find out what stage of COPD he does have at least.

He will be getting some test kit from the doctors from an out of state lab that will test what his body is or isn't metabolizing.

In the last 8 weeks, I've radically changed our diets, cutting down on processed foods, getting rid of anything not made with whole grains, switching to gluten free cereal. We've been eating less meat over the last several years, so that's not a big deal. I cook almost exclusively with olive oil and have, since this began, started using coconut oil to cook with as well. I can add the coconut oil to his breakfast oatmeal and other dishes generously. I like it for sauteeing veggies and fish too.

His doctor says we're doing the right thing with that.

But still... I look at my beloved and see the loss of vitality and his need to rest growing and feel... like he is slipping off.

The economy's fall hurt us badly. We have no more debts, but still we have not recovered any ground. The reality is we can't even afford to be sick and I can't contemplate what happens if we can't turn his health around.

I hate this feeling of fear and helplessness and being alone with it.

Pop Icons

There is an interesting weirdness when you realize one of your very best friends hubby has created a whole new set of pop culture icons. I see stories about them everywhere now. Sometimes I'll forward a story link to her as a "Have you seen this? Happy for y'all and that success!" but most of the time I don't. But I'm always tickled, delighted and pleased for them because I know how hard they worked over the years before.

Please Resign, Susana!

Dear Governor Susana Martinez,

Please resign now. Already our State Supreme Court has ruled against you trying to shield polluters by violating the State Constitution. I loved the articles I found about this. Tells me scads about your character and, honey, it isn't very complimentary. Impeaching you would be costly and we can't afford that in this time where deep education cuts are being made, so you can resign today. You're subject to the law, just like the rest of us, mi hita and all the big Texas oil and NM gas energy money that was poured into your campaign coffers won't change that one iota. Your job as Governor is to help enforce the laws of the state. Not to break them for moneyed interests in favor of the state's citizens interests.

Morgan Sheridan... a NM born, life long resident of Albuquerque.
State of the Union: Why Do We Act Against Our Own Self-Interest? | 

I read this article this morning and thought it was worth sharing.  We really need some changes. 

Oh, Gov. Susanna!

New Mexico's new, historic woman, Texas born and bred, governor shows she is just another Republican tool.

Now, we're faced with huge budget cuts that are needed because we've been hit with the same stuff as the rest of the country. You'd think the Gov would share our pain by taking a cut in her $110,000 year salary. But she won't. Her reason? It's "mandated" by the legislature.

Somehow, I think if she did the right thing and went the the legislature and said, "Let's reduce my salary by $30,000 a year," that they would be happy to oblige her. That would be leadership by example. But our new governor will NOT do the right thing, she will not lead as a matter of principle. Rather, she will do the 'legal" thing in keeping with her past record as Las Cruces, NM's District Attorney.

Thus, begins our historic Susanna Martinez's gubernatorial career. I'm sure her Texan campaign finance contributors are already making their money back on their investment.
Ambassador Joseph Wilson Hits Air Force Academy | Dark Politricks

In other places, I've been talking about the infiltration of the military by the religious right.  This is not an isolated thing.  It is dangerous to our democracy.

I'm back

Didn't realize how long it has been since I posted here. Life has been a bit nuts. I've been dealing with a lot of political stuff, spending my time writing reps in Congress and the Senate.

I'm still working on doing whatever I can to support affordable health care. I'm so dismayed by the hypocrisy of the new Republican & Tea Party backed Congressmen who won't forgo their taxpayer funded, generous, health care package for them and their families, while voting against health care reform that would benefit the 50+million of us who can't afford it at all. Either you have principles enough to to do without taxpayer funded health care or you're a tool of the insurance industry.

Here's a radio ad that is going out and I hope those of you in the US who hear it, will consider making a contribution so that it can be broadcast as soon as possible:

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